Sunday, October 16, 2011

Power of Music

I have always known that music is a great power that moves both the spirit and soul in unimaginable ways. And music moves us in both directions, to make us do and think of the good things, or to make us do and think of the bad things. For example, music can make us feel angry, sad, happy, calm, worshipful, grateful, etc., and it can heal us as well.

Today it hits me why music can be used for negative things, and probably a mean to reach out to kill people's emotions and feelings, or at least mess them up.

Think about this: Lucifer used to be the music master in the heaven! He created awesome music that filled the heavens. Yet he became prideful and wanted the glory for himself, so he was banished and sent away. Now that he is the father of devils, of course his greatest tool is still music! He uses music these days to confuse the youth, to bring negative emotions in people, and to stir up feelings that will hurt and destroy one another.

We must be aware of the music that we are listening to. After all, music touches the deepest parts of our souls, and moves the spirit in amazing ways. Let's all use music to glorify God!

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