Monday, September 26, 2011

My Theory on Spirituality of Gender

I suddenly had this thought while showering. Try to link these pieces of information together:

1. Woman was created after Man
2. Devil tempted Woman, not Man
3. Amongst most of my friends, there are more devote female Christians than male ones

This is the conclusion that I arrived, but please don't quote me for any debatable issue. This is merely an interesting picture that I see in one evening in less than one minute of thinking.

1. Woman was created after Man
- As days go by, God created more complex creatures that become more similar in His image
- This means that Woman might have been more spiritually inclined, or has one key that leads her thoughts, attitudes, desires, or whatever it is, to connect to God even more easily

2. Devil tempted Woman, not Man
- There must be a reason why Devil chose Woman, not Man
- Perhaps it is Woman's understanding and sensitivity towards spiritual things or about God in general, thus making it easier for Woman to fall; almost like how if someone has tasted honey, s/he will want another taste
- So maybe Woman heard from the Devil and understood; might not have the same outcome if Devil had come to Man
- Similarly, if you want to make someone fall, you tend to trip someone of the highest "status", because the fall will be greater; in this case, it's Woman's spirituality that the Devil wants to taint, perhaps because Devil understood the danger of Woman's capabilities

3. Amongst most of my friends, there are more devote female Christians than male ones
- This is a personal experience, I have not looked into the literature to see if there is any scientific basis to the ratio difference, etc., or if this claim is even supported

But think about this!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Came to Practice

I feel like a true psychologist now that I am in Jakarta living under the same roof as my family.

I feel upset with how things are and though I may have the answers, I can't change them. I feel upset living amongst the dysfunctions of those around me while I try to keep myself a step away so I can stay level-headed without getting dragged into the mess. I make sure my third eye is constantly awake so I know what is actually going on, rather than just reading the current happenings. I practice patience when I point out certain parts that can be improved yet these people practice avoidance by changing topics.

There are times I feel hurt, unheard, and tired. Yet I try to remain professional so I don't get affected while doing other tasks in life that need to be done. It is difficult, because after all, it is my own family that I'm talking about here, so the dysfunctions affect my lifestyle, and it occurs every moment of everyday. It is unlike dealing with a single patient one hour once a week. It is more like working with a patient almost 18 hours everyday. After a while, I learn to make sure I have enough private time to recuperate from the constant dysfunctions. I learn to pray even more.

What I learned in school, ironically, came to the greatest use when I get back home. This will help me get through life here.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Creepy Generation

I finally live with a TV after a very long period of time. These days, I turn on my TV for music, since I haven't bought any music player at home (my room is pretty empty since I have not lived here for a very long time).

Yesterday, the songs I heard on KIIS FM in LA was showing on TV. Excited for some bits of good LA memory, I went to sit in front of the TV. The first was Britney Spears' "I Wanna Go", which I found rather vulgar and weird - totally one of the humans-turning-into-robots kind of era. I mean, I watched Terminator before, which is very futuristic as well, but it wasn't even the least bit of Britney Spears' kind of weird. And of course, I haven't closely watched her ever since her debut, so I was surprised when her face looked like it had gone under the knife.

Then, Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" came up. That was even weirder. It was so creepy that I had to turn it off half way. May I even say that it's rather satanic? I wasn't sure if it was me that was uncomfortable with those kind of creepiness, or if I'd been too far removed from the media industry that I no longer see the norm.

I wonder if this generation is turning creepy like that? Or is this an argument of acceptance in the midst of all these creepy things going on?