Friday, July 1, 2011


Lately I feel that the search of happiness is overrated. Or just happiness in general: the fact that people want to be happy and seek to do things that make them happy.

Maybe we cannot search for happiness; maybe it comes when we are faithful doing the small things in life, like saying hello to the clerk, serving other people, doing our work diligently, cooking a home-cooked meal, taking a stroll in the park, being busy studying for exams, loving one another, cleaning the house...

Maybe it's not even happiness that we are looking for, but contentment disguised as happiness, because after all, being content is difficult to accept when the culture is all about consumption and greed.

Maybe happiness is not even that important, because it is not the end of the story, only a passing emotion in this journey of life.

So why all this fuss about happiness?

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