Saturday, June 4, 2011

Crossing the Road

I was walking around today at my own leisure pace, for I was in no rush to get anywhere or to do anything. I was really just trying to hit my 10,000 steps a day (the global corporate challenge that my friend is making me participate in). I was also trying to stay outside my house as long as I could, since my house is filled with many stressors related to thesis-writing.

So often when I crossed the road, I would not even wait till the pedestrian sign turned green when the road is empty, especially on the smaller streets that make it a little safer to do that. And of course, everyone was doing it, so it would be weird if you wait till the sign turn green, actually. Plus, I was always in a hurry to get to a place, so I will always hit the crossing button multiple times, as though it would help turn the light green faster.

Today, however, I waited for the sign to turn green before crossing the street. This was true for all the streets I was crossing. People were crossing the road before me and it was weird at first, but slowly I felt a strange sense of liberation. The freedom to choose to wait until the sign turns green, the freedom to live as a responsible resident and pedestrian, the freedom to choose to act in a non-normative way.

I wonder if this was true in the Christian life. At first we seem to think that living or choosing to act in a certain non-normative way is weird or even limiting, but slowly we feel that freedom, because we are liberated from societal pressure to act in a certain manner, and so we can behave in a way that reflects integrity and wisdom instead.

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