Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not A Waste

I looked back and understood why God made me take this route.

My Business degree, Psychology degree, Japanese degree, Public Policy degree - typing these degrees out really makes me feel like I'm crazy. But now I understand, or at least partially, why I was to go through all these degrees.

Academic world is a safe and predictable place to grow. I learned about numbers and entrepreneurship from Business school. I learned to listen and be observant with my Clinical Psychology degree. I learned to be analytical and objective through my Public Policy degree. My Japanese degree is a bonus!

So let's just say that I am a little slower than others in terms of character building and learning about life. Looking back, it's funny how God used my love of school to guide and shape me. But this convinced me that whatever I've done, am doing, and will be doing, I'm definitely not wasting my time. There is a sense of relief in knowing that God is making an investment in me through all the experiences and encounters that He has and will place before me.

I hope you too, when you feel stuck in a moment, will have faith that you are never wasting a moment. All is due in God's time.

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