Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Each Encounter is Meaningful

We often do not realize that every person we encounter in the public is not by coincidence. It has been designed. To meet a person on the same day in the same hour, minute, and second, especially when you have personal contact and exchange with that person, is not an easy thing to do. If we think about it, almost all our meetings have been intentional and planned. That is how difficult it is to meet someone.

April 28, I was in LAX on my way to PDX at night. Since I am addicted to Foursquare, I posted my location. After I arrived in PDX, I received a text from a friend. She said that she was in LAX when I was there, and another mutual friend was also in the airport. Imagine 3 people who know each other being in the same location but was unable to meet, even after one of them knew my location.

That struck a chord in my heart. Every person that I encounter, speak to, or exchange smiles with, is there for a reason. It is not that easy to accidentally meet someone. Perhaps I could have said a word of encouragement, or give a friendly gesture, to help brighten someone's day. Perhaps I am placed there because they need a word from me, or they have a word for me. Imagine that vast network that God can use to save souls and to speak His word into our lives.

Being the not-so-friendly person I am in the public, perhaps it will be difficult for me to reach out my hand and start a conversation, what more to evangelize. But perhaps I can start with a kind smile, a positive attitude, and a joyful heart that may bring others the kind of peace that they need from someone who knows God.

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