Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Think Outside The Boxes

Haven't you heard so many people saying, "Think outside the box!", that sometimes it just means to be creative? I was trying to break down this concept of thinking outside the box and whether there is a box in the first place, and realize that maybe it is about thinking outside the boxes. There are multiple layers of boxes that one has to peel.

1st box: this is the project, or whatever that you are working on. The scope has been set, the issue has been defined, and the boundaries of solutions have been determined by past data and experiences. If you stay here, you're pretty much doomed, and your employer will find other people to work with.

2nd box: this is the social norm. No matter how great your idea is, if the society cannot appreciate or accept it, your solution will not be realized. So your solutions are usually contained in this box, outside the project boundaries, but within what is acceptable. This may be unfortunate, for many times, the society will soon accept that out-of-the-2nd-box idea, but maybe just not during your time, for your idea is still very new.

3rd box: mental capacity. Even if the society accepts your crazy idea somehow, you have to go beyond the other big box. This is your own mental capacity, the educated mind that has been fed with a lot of information, training, and skill sets learned. So even if your out-of-norm idea has been accepted, it still is within the realm of our own capabilities. I believe that only when God shows you what is to be, something that is out of the reasonable realm, that you have gone beyond this box. God is the mind opener here.

So as Christians, we have to think outside of all these boxes and go to God, for the solution that He has in mind is far greater that what we are capable of thinking. He will also connect the dots, that we will be able to look back and say, "Ah, that was God". And that, will be the most amazing thing ever.

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  1. once again...a "yes!" moment when reading :)