Friday, April 22, 2011


I was cleaning my apartment today when I asked myself, didn't I just clean my place a few weeks ago?

I realized that cleaning up is a process. Things that have been cleaned don't stay clean. It has to be re-cleaned over and over, such is the nature of this world: everything is ephemeral.

Similarly, things in our lives need to be re-cleaned. They need to be reflected upon and reevaluated. Good actions can become habits that no longer encompass the original passion; good motivations can become bitterness when they don't reach the result desired; good behaviors can become standards for judging others; good faith can become pride.

So let's re-clean our lives everyday, reevaluate our thoughts, reflect on our motivations, and be aware of each aspect of ourselves. Watch ourselves every moment, or like what my old Professor used to say, "What awareness? Just pay attention!"

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