Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mighty Women

I was talking to a good friend one day when I came to a realization that I really am who I am because of the people I have met and grown up with.

In Michigan, I was constantly surrounded by mighty people: men and women who are in love with the Lord. These are the people who have shown me their struggles in their walk with God, and their faith, sincerity, humility, and sacrificial heart. There are also people in the community who are showing so much love even when they do not know the Lord. I was never aware of all these things until I looked back.

The women in the community was amazing. These are women whom I want to grow old with, supporting and encouraging one another through hardships and celebrating each other's goodness through joyous events. I shall give a couple of examples (their names have been abbreviated, but if you are familiar with the community, you will know who I am talking about).

MP: She is a woman with such a strong character. Her willingness to learn is like no other. I have been blessed in her care, learning to be more aware of my gender and my behaviors. Her inner strength is to be admired and learned. Her life has been a reminder to me when decisions have to be made in my life. Giving guidance and advice to others come second nature to her as her big-sister side takes over.

DK: She is a self-sacrificial woman, perhaps one of the most self-sacrificial women I have ever known. I remember that every birthdays, she will bake a cake from scratch, with a lot of gladness in her soul to give something that she prepares herself because it is more meaningful that way, and never asking anything in return. Giving her time and effort to others come second nature to her as her motherly side takes over.

LS: She is the most considerate woman in my life. I have always been impressed at the way she will give way for others to enjoy before she takes her portion and serving others while she places herself last. The most amazing part is that she is not even a Christian, and it always makes me wonder what amazing godly things she will do if she is one!

EC: She is the most non-judgmental woman whom I have ever known. She has taught me that there are always two sides of a story, and it is always important to give the benefit of the doubt and give people the chance to defend themselves. Never fearful to correct a wrong, she stands by her values with a strong stance. She was not a Christian then, but now that she has become one, I have seen great things that she has done for the Lord.

These are only four examples of the closest people I am with, whom I shared my struggles and pain with, and still there are many other women in the Michigan community that I have failed to mention here. It is no wonder that I have grown so much during my time in Michigan.

I give thanks to God for placing me amongst these mighty women. They make me strive harder to be a better woman for God's works, and to be a woman after God's own heart.

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