Saturday, April 2, 2011

Loving, Instead of Achieving

A recent conversation with an old friend made me reflect on my understanding of romantic love between two people.

Since young, I believe that when a man and a woman get together with God's blessing, it is ideal that one pushes and encourages the other to attain greater achievements in the world, either sharpening one's skill, increasing one's wisdom, encouraging one's compassion, or helping each other towards the common vision. The other person's presence in our life should make us achieve greater things.

This friend of mine, however, brought up a point that made me consider that again. She said, what if God brings a man and a woman together so they increase their capacity of loving each other, and maybe, though they are not as productive, not as successful in this world, it's okay, because through the things that they go through, they become more loving towards each other, and towards other people?

I had to stop and think.

Maybe it is okay, after all, that we are not achieving as much. Maybe it is okay that we are not striving so hard towards success. Maybe it is okay that we are not so task-oriented. Maybe it is okay that we are not as efficient as when we are each an individual unit as a single person. Maybe it is okay that we are not as productive. As long as we increase our capacity to love each other, to have our character molded in that way, and in the end to love others more through this experience...

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