Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let's All Laugh

I was in Michigan in the past weekend, and it was an interesting time because I had a good laugh at a lot of things.

First, my crazy departure. I had a full day of presentations, and when I was done, our class had a dinner party - at a Korean BBQ! Imagine my horror when I realized what a stink I would be at the airport. So I rushed to the nearest Nordstrom to change into a new outfit that was meant for Michigan, and tied up my hair in a bun as tightly as I could to prevent any smell from escaping.

Not having been flying domestic, I was sincerely surprised at the strict measures of the security. It made me mad - such a waste of resources, when there can be more things done with the same money invested in the x-ray machines. That's when I realized that people's fear are something that is easy to manipulate.

Then, I found out that my flight was delayed. Imagine my extra horror since I was all ready to take a shower and clean myself off the BBQ smell. So I grabbed a magazine and sat quietly. I was honestly enjoying this whole crazy mess, until the lights in the airport went out, and we were all sitting in the dark. Uhh, awkward. People around me started cursing and getting all frustrated. I was probably the only one in the whole area who started cracking up uncontrollably. I mean, seriously, what a day! What are the chances of everything going wrong at the same time? I found humor. It's almost like God teasing me, saying, "See, you think you got everything under control?"

I have had a lot of laughing moments in Michigan. But this next one I'm about to tell is the classic one.

I closed off my bank account, since I am leaving the country soon anyway, and there is no longer a need to keep a bank account in the Mid-West. While walking out -ironically I wasn't even on blackberry messenger and had my eyes looking ahead- I banged my face against the glass door. I literally heard my nose's cartilage making a cracking sound. My tears automatically streamed down, and my first question to my friend was, "Am I bleeding? Is my nose crooked?" When she said no, I started cracking up. This is for laughing at others when they crashed into the glass door. Now it's my turn to laugh at myself.

Oh, what a hilarious trip.

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