Friday, April 22, 2011

I Love to Run

I used to love to run
I would run, a lot
On the red track in my school
I would run as far as my legs could carry me
I would run...
And run
Until my legs gave way
And it felt good
Until I reached the end
And then there's nothing
Always nothing
Except the good feeling of running until my legs gave way
Cos' at the finish line
There's nothing as magical compared to when I was running
There's the wind that gave way
As I ran head on towards the start
And then there's the sound of my heartbeat
So loud
Thumping in my ears
Only for myself to hear and listen
And then there's this feeling
If I ran faster, and longer
Maybe, maybe I'll feel something else
Maybe it can change something
Maybe there will be something different
Maybe I will meet something new
So I ran
I ran, and I ran
Until my legs gave way
Until I reached the end
Until... There was nothing
At the end

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