Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Freedom and Responsibility

I wonder if freedom itself is a type of power. Remember the saying from Spiderman, that with great power comes greater responsibility?

Freedom too. With greater freedom comes greater responsibility. God created us with freewill, and we have responsibility to guard that freewill through the choices that we make. Another example that may be easier to understand: I have more freedom in the US to do the things that I would have never done if I were to stay at home with my parents, yet I have to take care of myself, buy and cook my own food, clean my own apartment, do laundry, etc.

Soon, this kind of freedom will be gone when I return home, and at the same time, I don't have all these responsibilities. I would not be able to come home after 9 at night, nor drive to the mall myself. I would not be able to wear certain type of clothes, and I have to behave in a certain manner. Yet, my food will be served, my clothes washed, my room cleaned, my car driven, etc. Till now, I haven't a clue which is the better of the two.

Perhaps in the small box that I am about to enter, I will find another kind of freedom. After all, we are created to be free creatures, in different ways.

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