Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fact vs. Truth

Once upon a time, I thought that facts are ever-changing, while there is only one truth. That is the Truth that Jesus proclaimed to the world. But I have another thought lately.

Facts are not ever-changing. They remain the same. Facts are facts. What makes them fallible is the incomplete data or information that make up the facts on hand, making it seem like it is ever-changing. However, in reality, facts never change. We extract meanings out of facts, and that's when they no longer become credible. This, however, is not the fault of the existing facts, but our own ignorance.

That is why the argument about subjective truths make sense. When we make meanings out of those facts, we create our own subjective truths. That becomes the truth that we see and believe, until another piece of fact surfaces and we derive another truth from whatever information we have. So perhaps the concept of subjective truths hold true.

But then, there is another Truth, the One Truth that Jesus was talking about. It is on a completely different level in relation to facts. There is no way to compare this Truth with any other explanations. It is the Truth of what was, and is, and yet to come. It is the Truth of Jesus Christ.

And honestly, I am still trying to fully comprehend what this Truth is. A part of me thinks that I am never going to understand it if I were to keep using my head, but perhaps I will continue searching with my faith.

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  1. Head knowledge turning into heart knowledge. And then maybe it'll transform into improved head knowledge!