Friday, December 3, 2010


I guess the economists are right. We would rather not lose something in order to receive something. The hurt of loss is more than the happiness of earning. That's why a lot of us realize that something is precious only when we have lost it. Such is my case.

Now that I know my Doctorate Degree is gone, though I hope temporarily, it hurts more. I have been attempting to take a break from my pursuit of education for quite a while now, but now that it is in my face, the thought of letting go is painful.

Why is it that we don't cherish more of what we have, only to regret that we have lost it? I want to learn to take notice of all the blessings in life, be grateful that it is there, and remember that if and when God takes it away, it was never mine in the first place. It has been loaned, and it was a blessing - God's generosity - in my life.

Perhaps that is the idea of detachment. Not getting rid of emotions or feelings towards something, or avoiding the world altogether, but enjoying every moment with the people and the things we have, knowing that they can be taken away at any time, and it will be okay.

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