Monday, November 8, 2010

Sleep and Rest

I have been feeling pretty tired lately, probably mental exhaustion from all that I have to accomplish. My life has become a packed checklist in which I am in a race to put a check on each item. The mental exhaustion is taking a toll on my physical body. Imagine sleeping for 9 or 10 hours in a day and still feeling tired. throughout the day. That's pretty bizarre.

This reminds me of Elijah, when he was really tired. I'd guess that he was underwent some depression. He was too tired to walk, or to do anything else. God fed him and let him rest. He rested for a long period of time.

I wonder where was my balance of eating, resting, and working? I have been having poor appetite due to missing lunch on many days. I have been eating scraps at home because I don't have time to cook, nor do I have the extra energy to go out and buy food. I have been working non-stop each day, finishing both school and clinical work. I have been out socializing for the purpose of networking. I have been sleeping, a lot.

Then, I realized that sleeping and resting are two different things. Sleeping does not mean resting. Our body is not like a battery where we can just charge it at night, and it will be full the next day. Sleeping is getting knocked out after a whole day's activities. It is a dreamland. A time where the body repairs the damages done during the day. Resting requires doing things that we enjoy, or spending time with people without feeling the need of it but feeling the want of it. Resting requires us to keep quiet and be still. Resting requires us to run to God's embrace. Resting requires us to take care of both of our mental and physical health.

I need to rest.

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