Saturday, October 23, 2010

3 Reminders

There are three things in life that I try to keep in my pocket everywhere I go, whatever I do, and whoever I meet. I found this to be useful for my own sanity, and you might too.

1. Always forgive others

For all the unpleasant things that others have done to us, forgive them. They too, have their issues in life that they need to figure out. When we forgive, we get rid of one painful burden that we do not need to carry. Forgive, however, never means forget. As the saying goes, once beaten, twice shy. It does not mean that we continue allowing the person to hurt us all over again, because that is mere foolishness. Forgiving means that the unpleasant act has no negative effect on our being, both in the present or in the future; we do not bring up that experience to manipulate our relationship with that person or other people in any point of time. Forgetting may not be all that healthy, as it may lead to denial or repression of that painful experience. So forgive, instead of forget.

2. Remember others' kindness

All the kind acts that others have shown us, remember to repay them, and pay them forward. One act of kindness will go a long way. Remember that though the world is broken, there is always hope, and we can see it through the acts of kindness around us. There are kind people in this world, and their kindness, whether we are aware of them or not, have and will influence our future actions. So remember others' kindness, and whatever we do, always remember that there have been people who have shown us mercy and given us grace.

3. Never remember our own act of kindness

We may have shown others kindness, mercy, forgiveness, grace, and love. That is our responsibility, more so than our right. So when we give, never expect our acts to be repaid or remembered. We serve with the hope of serving others with love, not with the hope of reaping benefits. Do not count the number of kind things we have done to others. If we look at them as though they are debts that others owed, we will end up feeling jaded and disappointed. Our acts of kindness shall be given free to others, the same way that we have received so much kindness and blessings in our life for free.