Monday, September 6, 2010

Greed, or Idealism?

I remembered something from the movie Troy. Achilles (Brad Pitt) was given two choices: he could either fight the war, lose his life and forever be remembered, or skip the fight, save his life, and have the continuation of his romantic relationship by living a calm life. He chose the first.

To live an influential and successful life regardless of whether it is positive or negative, in my opinion, your name must make it to the history book, like Mother Theresa, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, etc. So I wondered if I were posed with these choices, which one would I have chosen? Would I, like Achilles, choose to be remembered, in exchange of my own life and everything else that could have been?

And then I arrived at another question: can't it be both? Is it impossible to be remembered and yet have the other aspects of life fulfilled? Couldn't have Achilles participated in the war, won it, and lead his life with his loved one? Will that be greed, wanting everything good in life, or is that just being idealistic, that everything good can happen in one life, in my life, in everyone's life?

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  1. name in history book = fame. To me, it's not who knows your name, it's what did you do to impact the world as well as influence others around you so that they, too, will also make a positive impact in the world? Maybe their names will make it into the books instead of yours; but you were the one who helped mold such a character.