Monday, August 9, 2010


How big the value of US$10 is when brought to church as an offering; but how small is its value when brought to the mall to be spent!
How long it is to serve God for an hour; but how short it is if we watch a movie.
How hard it is to find words to pray spontaneously; but how easy it is to chat and gossip with friends.
How hard it is to read a pericope of the Bible; but how easy it is to read 100 pages of the best-selling novels.
How exciting it is to sit on the front row of a game or concert; but how we prefer to sit in the back pew of a church.
How difficult it is to learn a simple chapter of the Bible to be shared with others; but how easy it is to keep repeating the same gossips to others.
How easy it is for us to believe the newspapers; but how we doubt what the Bible says.

Day 15, Monday, Aug 9, 2010 40 Days of Praying and Fasting

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