Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Can't Dump 'Em

I'm a shoe whore, forgive my language, but that means 1) when I see a pair that I like, I can never walk away without making a purchase unless it costs over $1000 and I shall think about Africa, and 2) I can never throw them out even when they have been well worn.

I realized my inability to dump them out after people in my life started pointing out my tattered shoes. Some of the comments and jokes I have received: "Whose are those? Throw 'em out!", "C'mon, you're not that poor", "Seriously? It's time for a shoe shopping spree".

It is difficult for me to throw them out because each has its function, and each has its story. Similarly, so many of us have difficulties letting go of certain baggage in our lives, because of the memories or functions they have, whether to soothe our guilt, calm our anxiety, or deny our responsibility, etc. And perhaps there are many people in our lives who have been attempting to tell us, "Throw them out! You deserve better!", but we have become so attached to the baggage that it is easier to tune our their voices.

I am going to start dumping out my torn shoes, so I can make space for other things in my closet; I am going to start letting go of my baggage, so I can start creating more beautiful memories in my life.

What about you?

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