Friday, July 30, 2010

With the Dentist

I just came back from the dentist to fix this one cracked tooth and also crowning, after a long break from any kind of heavy dental procedures. I forgot how terrible the experience can be, and realized how much faith I exercised in the room.

There was nothing that I could see except the ceiling - not even the dentist's face. I could only hear his voice when he said, relax and breath normally, or when he reminded me, if it's too painful then lift up your left hand but don't move, but that's all there is to it: listen.

The dentist's voice is softer compared to all the other tools that are making hair-standing noises like those of the drill, enhancing my fear and distracting me from hearing the dentist's voice. I have to listen closely, but most of the times I just have to sit still and trust that he will get the job done. There is a mixture of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, loss of control, but there's also trust (that he knows what he is doing) and hope (that the ordeal shall pass soon).

I thought, hmmm, this sounds very much alike my spiritual faith. I need to sit still, trust, hope, and keep listening.

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