Monday, July 12, 2010

Marrying a Psychologist

DISCLAIMER: This thought is based on my own experiences and has nothing to do with empirically-supported research or findings in the field. Thus, this is a conclusion or an opinion solely coming from me and no one else. This does not represent any other individual or organization in the field. The use of "he" instead of "she" is a conscious decision, rather than due to ignorance or gender bias, because I am writing as a She.

Marrying a psychologist may not be a bad idea.

1. He will generally be more empathic, or rather, have the capacity or conscious ability to be and to act such.
2. He will be capable of listening with all due critical analysis to the hidden meanings behind every sentence, thus more sensitive to hints and nudges.
3. He will be more understanding towards little quirks.
4. He will be more intentional in attempting to fix bad habits of both parties.
5. He will take more initiative to find a solution if there were to be any miscommunication or misunderstanding.
6. He will be more forgiving because he has been trained to contain others' chaos.
7. He is able to look beyond the flaws and believes in the strengths of his wife, motivating and encouraging her to reach her maximum potential.
8. He will be more adept in being direct or subtle, depending on the situation.
9. He knows the best way to care for and love his wife.
10. He is a psychologist at heart.

Or marrying a psychologist may be a nightmare.

1. He will be tired when he gets home after work so he does not want to be intentionally empathic, instead taking advantage of his wife as a dumping bin.
2. He will be less attuned to his wife's words because he has used up all his energy at work and now wishes to be listened or heard instead.
3. He will be less patient because he is not paid to be a psychologist at home.
4. He will be more than qualified to over-analyze every sentence, ensuring that every unintentional hidden meanings are expressed.
5. He will be more sensitive to every bad habit his wife and has the ability to point out every mistake committed.
6. He may expect her to listen to him as to how to fix it because he believes that he is an expert.
7. He is capable of diagnosing his wife with anything from the DMS-IV, including a couple personality disorders.
8. Since he can conceptualize different interpersonal problems, he may unintentionally manipulate the situation according to his wishes.
9. He knows the best way to trick or annoy his wife.
10 He is a psychologist at heart.

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