Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Have you ever heard people saying that they love constructive criticism? I think a part of them is in denial. I'm serious. I mean, who likes to be told that he or she is not good enough? No matter how constructive it may be, it is still criticism, and criticism hurts.

I hate criticism. It reveals how imperfect I am. Sometimes it challenges my self-esteem and self-concept, things like, "Why am I not good enough?", "Why did I do that?", etc. But I also think that they are good for me. Criticisms bring you back to humility and increase your capacity for unpleasant things. After all, we are born in the golden era. People in our generation respond really badly towards criticism - it's been researched.

I think it is what you make of criticisms. Do you ruminate and let it affect your views on yourself, or do you use it to better yourself?

However, in the end, these are just positive outlook on criticisms. I still don't like them, no matter how necessary they may be. I just have to learn to embrace and deal with them, because they are good for me; and usually, things that are truly good for you don't really make you feel good initially, just like bitter medicine - if you can swallow it, it will work wonders.

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