Friday, April 2, 2010


Today I found out that a friend has passed. A couple of days ago, she took her own life, or so it seemed.

Was Jesus there when she planned her death? I believe that He was. But why was it that He did nothing to stop her, if He is as great as He claimed Himself to be? He could have shown up and saved her... So why?

I believe also that Jesus was in pain when He watched her take her own life. Jesus might be suffering even more. I believe that if Jesus really cherished and loved us, He would have done everything to stop this untimely death. If He is the God of Life, then He would have chased Death away. If He does everything for the best outcome possible, does it mean that her death is better than her living? So my question remains, why?

In the end, I can only ask what happened in between the time that she took her life and Jesus trying to save her. I'm not sure if there will be anyone at all who can answer the "why" questions, but perhaps one day Jesus will reveal the answers Himself.

Rest in peace, my friend. Our encounter was brief, and our contact was limited. But I wish that I could have been there for you when you went through difficult times. Please forgive my lack of awareness. I will keep in prayers your family, sisters, and people whom you've blessed with your presence.

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