Friday, April 9, 2010

Voices Past The Noise

As I drove to my friend's funeral service today, I rolled down the window of my car while driving on the highway. The air conditioning was too heated up and the hot air was blowing out and fiercely blowing onto my face. I had to turn it off and depend on the wind that blew into the car as I flew by at 70miles/hour.

I blasted my music so I can hear it, passed the noisy wind that shook my windows. Then, Hillsong's music started playing, and a light bulb appeared. Another insight from God came unexpected.

When things get heated up and we tried all kinds of ways to save ourselves from pain and stress, the external factors might seem really loud. But perhaps God's been blasting His voice so we can hear Him above all these distractions. And sure enough, when I came to a halt and stayed still (you know how traffic is really bad in California), not fighting against the current, I realized how loud the music had been.

It's like God's been there all the while, but His voice are covered by the distractions and noises from the outside. So what do we do? I suggest that we should always be aware that God's always trying to talk to us. When we realize that, we will be more sensitive to His voice and search for it amongst all the noises thrown at us. And of course, sitting still and staying within God's presence during bad times, instead of trying to fight them off alone.

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