Sunday, April 11, 2010

Somber Easter

So often we fast forward Jesus' story to the resurrection and forget that there had been a death - a significant death, such that when we celebrate the resurrection, we are also celebrating the death.

And the death is nothing to be celebrated, really. We can celebrate it because we have seen the ending. But imagine if you had been the mother, father, or the disciples of Jesus. Your son, teacher, best friend, mentor, had died - and he died in the most gruesome way. Imagine the sadness, the tears, the heartbreak, the pain, etc. Imagine and feel the magnitude of pain involved.

Yet we celebrate that death with much joy, because we have seen the resurrection. Perhaps it was too painful for us that we have chosen to ignore the painful side of this story and rush towards the happy, victorious ending. Or perhaps we do that because we only want the sweet side of our faith. We only want the part where there are happiness, successful promises and blessings.

But at least for this time, remember what you are celebrating. Remember the sufferings that Jesus had to go through. Remember the death that had come before the resurrection. Remember that our God is a God who suffers; this path that we have chosen to follow promises nothing but pain and persecution, and the only consolation is God's presence, peace, and joy amidst the sufferings.

Let's have a somber Easter this year in remembrance of what Jesus had to go through to get to this point.

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