Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Do It

This was a reflection upon a book Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung. I recommend this book to those out there who are seeking God's will.

Reading this book made me take the leap of faith. After all, I don't know the specifics of God's plans in my life. All I know is that He wants me to choose what I like, what pleases Him, and what will bring me closer to Him.

In the end, God cares only for your progress towards holiness, intimacy with Him, and growing to become more like Christ. The little details is life, though it is important, isn't the Major thing in life, because He is a great God, He will take care of the details and somehow weave them all together to create a beautiful picture. But holiness is something that WE, based on our freewill, choose to do, so that, He cares a lot about.

Rather than being afraid of choosing the incorrect thing, let's take that one step with faith and wisdom, such that even when it somehow is not the best, it will become a learning process where we become closer to God. Rather than wishing that God will speak in a loud voice over Choice A or Choice B, let's use our God-given brain and make that decision, with the motivation to please God, to make ourselves more holy, and trust that God will be with us whatever it is that we choose in the end.

Just do something. Don't wait because you're afraid of the imperfect or incorrect choice. God is sovereign, so as long as you have weighted your decision wisely, consulted with people in regards to the pros and cons, go ahead. Every decision involves a loss, and our brain will take care of that discomfort when you are unconscious of it (the automatic attempt to resolve cognitive dissonance), so you will be surprised at how un-painful the decision that you have made becomes later on.

If there has been something that is tugging at your heart, listen to it closely, use the resources available within and outside of you, and make that decision. Don't wait for the burning bush or the lightning from the sky. Just do it.

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