Sunday, April 18, 2010

Conversation 4/18/2010

Today's conversation at church was inspiring. So here's some points that I would love to share. All materials here are taken from my senior pastor, so I'm giving him the credit for them.

There are 7 mountains that God's people should conquer and be at the top:
1. Business: This talks about the riches and wealth that will support the other mountains. Money made should finance godly projects and deeds in the other mountains.
2. Religion: This is the honor of the bride. Religion shapes culture, culture shapes practices, practices shape the health of the people - spiritually and physically.
3. Family: This describes strength. Godly family will produce godly generation, which will impact the community and culture.
4. Education: This is wisdom. Think about all the philosophies and intellects that will be produced for the nations with the people's level of education and understanding of God's creation! Things of the earth will be used effectively for godly outcomes.
5. Media: This describes glory. The media, when used to portray the Truth, will bring glory to God. The amount of people who are influenced and impacted by junk in the current condition are immense, if instead, they are influenced in a good and godly way, think of what may happen.
6. Government: This is power. Policies implemented may kill or save millions of people. People at the top of the nation control how things should work for the people.
7. Art: This describes praise. Many art pieces in the world mocks at God, while they should have been used to praise God. Imagine the art pieces in the Cathedrals or paintings in the past - they were used to bring a godly experience to people.

Everyone has been called to conquer the different mountains, and these mountains will be conquered by God one day. The question is, will you be there when that happens?

We have all been called to be conquerors, not escapists. And the path of Christianity is not one that is calm and happy; it is, in fact, filled with violence. The kingdom of heaven suffers violence (Matt 11:12), because there is a fight that is going on as to who will be at the top. Are we going to let ungodly people be at the top to control us when Jesus has died, risen, and given us the authority to be at the top of the mountains?

The devil will give us an offer as we make our way to the top of the mountain. As we climb the hard path, the devil will offer us short-cuts, and he will offer us the power and everything in the world in exchange of our worship of him. This is exactly what he did to Jesus: offer Him the world and all of the power and glory so He doesn't have to go through crucifixion, in exchange for His worship of him. However, it is important to know that who we worship on our climb to the top will be in control of us when we reach the top. Do we want the devil or Jesus to be in control when we have conquered the mountain?

Life is about fighting for kingdom, power, and glory. But who are we using it for: Jesus, or the devil?

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