Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Smell of Rain

When I was a junior high/high school student, I used to love walking in the rain. My uniform was wet, my backpack was drenched, thankfully I never had to carry a lot of books, I usually left them in school and only had my pencil case, a wallet, and a useless notebook. One good thing that came out from that: I never had to carry an umbrella.

When I got home, hmmm, the warm shower. Then listening to the tapping sound on the windows when I am in my pyjamas. It's kinda like a free rhythm that one can dance at.

The smell of rain usually takes me back to those days. Just a few hours before it rains, my nose will start itching and I will start sneezing. I'm sensitive to the smell that rain brings. It's like a distinct kind of humid air that brings a certain pleasant smell. It brings soreness to my nose, as though I am empathizing with the sky as it covers the land with its tears.

But I no longer play in the rain. It ruins my make-up, fashion, shoes, bag... I no longer stop to listen to the sound of the rain. I avoid it, I dislike it, I am bothered by it. It ruins my schedule. Traffic becomes worse.

At times I wonder what happened to that small girl who loves walking in the rain; she looks forward to receiving the signal from the rain through her nose.

I want to start smelling the rain once again.

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