Friday, March 19, 2010





Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Smell of Rain

When I was a junior high/high school student, I used to love walking in the rain. My uniform was wet, my backpack was drenched, thankfully I never had to carry a lot of books, I usually left them in school and only had my pencil case, a wallet, and a useless notebook. One good thing that came out from that: I never had to carry an umbrella.

When I got home, hmmm, the warm shower. Then listening to the tapping sound on the windows when I am in my pyjamas. It's kinda like a free rhythm that one can dance at.

The smell of rain usually takes me back to those days. Just a few hours before it rains, my nose will start itching and I will start sneezing. I'm sensitive to the smell that rain brings. It's like a distinct kind of humid air that brings a certain pleasant smell. It brings soreness to my nose, as though I am empathizing with the sky as it covers the land with its tears.

But I no longer play in the rain. It ruins my make-up, fashion, shoes, bag... I no longer stop to listen to the sound of the rain. I avoid it, I dislike it, I am bothered by it. It ruins my schedule. Traffic becomes worse.

At times I wonder what happened to that small girl who loves walking in the rain; she looks forward to receiving the signal from the rain through her nose.

I want to start smelling the rain once again.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Heaven and Hell

The kingdom has come, repent and believe! Heaven will be a place where we go after we die.

It started with that, and then slowly the theological teaching has changed. We can help bring God's kingdom on earth by living the biblical way, loving one another, etc. But the ultimate heaven will be much better than the current state of heaven.

Then something struck me. If heaven can be a place on earth... Won't hell be a place on earth as well? We talk so much about hell being filled with fire and gnashing teeth. That pretty much sums up some parts of the world where God isn't around. But the ultimate hell will be much worse than the current state of hell.

I now see the parallel. Do you?