Saturday, February 13, 2010

For Every Broken Bowl, There's A New Carafe

I broke my blue bowl, which was one of my favorites actually, because I thought it was the perfect size for a lot of my food and eating habit. To be truthful, I was rather devastated, and I'd rather have some other bowls broken rather than that.

I forgot where I had purchased it, so in a pursuit to find a similar bowl, I went around quite a little bit. I went to Ikea and was unable to find anything like it. Then, I made a stop at Crate & Barrel (God bless them, they have such good stuff). In my search for my bowl, I found a carafe, something I needed but for the longest time, I was unable to find one that suited the functions I had in my head.

I lost a bowl, I found a carafe. (I will still be in search of my bowl, who knows there's more functional one out there.) I'm not as upset, I think, because after all, in life, for every broken bowl, there's a new carafe.

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