Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lone Journey

I had a thought while I was doing my laundry today.

We glorify our unique calling in God, that noone else can take over the special task God has given us. It is as though we each have our own path to walk. Thinking of it through another perspective, our path will be a lonely one. It is a path wide enough only for one to walk on.

Sure, paths cross each other, and that's when we meet people from all over in our journey. But in the end, our path is only ours to walk; it is wide enough only for a single pedestrian. Perhaps that is why the desire to find a soul mate in our lives, for a soul mate has a path that is parallel to ours (or supposedly). The paths do not merge to become one, but at least they are parallel and we won't feel so lonely walking down the road.

Friends may have paths that are parallel as well... But their paths may be far from ours, and that may not be sufficient for many people, for this is a lone journey. One feels lonely easily. Perhaps God knows that, and that's why Jesus left us with the Holy Spirit to comfort, teach, and guide us when we feel alone.

I give thanks to the many paths that have crossed mine, for those encounters have made me who I am today. I want to learn to cherish the paths that are crossing mine right now, for one day they will be as precious as those that have passed.

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  1. <3 beautiful post. I often feel lonely, and don't allow the Holy Spirit to be the one to comfort me, although I know the reason for my lonliness is the path I have chose to take, in His name.

    Good luck to you on your journey!