Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Blind Side

It was a great movie! Watch it, people! It went up to #2 on my Top Movies list, and please discount the fact that I'm not a big movie fan, so there are many movies I have never watched.

The movie made me think about the brokenness of the world. People are so guarded because we know our own potential for doing evil. Our motivations can be thwarted and we can't believe others because we can't even trust ourselves. Thus, when we do good, the world will question our motivation behind the act. After all, why would or should someone give to another, without any expectation of receiving something back?

I'm sure that we all receive something when we give (even altruism feeds our own ego and need or desire to protect and help others); it's the fallen nature of human beings, animals, and the rest of the world that we brought down with us when we fell to sin.

So let's try to minimize this pleasure, benefit, or gain, while maximizing the sacrifice on our part by giving without the expectation of repayment. In fact, let's expect resistance, revenge, or bad things happening to us because we do good to them. I think that may be the closest thing we can do to learn from Jesus' example.

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