Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in Seattle

As usual, whenever I went to Seattle, the weather brightened up. The rain somehow miraculously stopped, it became sunny the next day, and when I left, it started raining again. I thank God for the divine charm that stopped the sky from crying, at least when I was there.

Thanksgiving is a time for family; for me, it is a time of family away from my real family. This is my family, the few who are left in the US. This will be the last thanksgiving that we spent together, because Dee is graduating from her culinary/bakery school!

Food served that night: cranberry glazed turkey breast, corns, garlic mashed potato with gravy, baked sweet potato with marshmallows, mushroom and vegetables, chocolate souffle.

And this is the few of us getting ready to go to an outlet on Black Friday. Dress code: bright orange with brown jacket (it's unplanned, honest.). Motive: it's easier to keep a lookout on each other, just in case we get separated.

Second day:

We were crossing the street to get to Sephora when this band played at the corner: "I am a friend of God... I am a friend of God... I am a friend of God, He calls me friend". People were clapping and singing along by the side of the street. That made my night. What can I ask for when there's the cool (not rainy!) weather, beloved friends, Christmas ambiance, and God? I thought that was worship; pure, genuine worship on a street of Seattle.

This is Chocolati on Green Lake. If you're a chronic chocoholic like I am, you'll appreciate their Chocolate Europa. It is literally melted chocolate. Yum. BUT, Dee said it's pretty grainy... I guess they should have whisked it more smoothly? I trust the dessert expert (Dee) when it comes to... ehem, dessert.

And this is me donating my old puffy jacket (the brown one) because there are holes :( This is right outside Chocolati, there's a donation box conveniently located for this purpose. Bye, college jacket!

Third day at Pike's:

So you get to see me with my new puffy jacket. I look like a motorcyclist now. Good job, Karlin. And this is at Pike's Place that's super famous for their chowder. I'm going to have to say it: it's better than Union House in Boston. (I really apologize to Union House fans.)

I thought this was the best dish for lunch at French Cafe near (or behind?) Sur La Table at Pike's. Ham and gruyere sandwich. Yum. I thought that Michelle got the best order :)

This is the last meal: post thanksgiving dinner meal. We got our ingredients from Pike's: steeped lobster and seared giant scallops! Thanks Dee for cooking them like a real pro.

When will I see you guys again? The next time we meet, probably it will be in a restaurant... So I really appreciate home-cooked meals that we had, and the late night talks we had... Now Seattle has too many memories. I'm missing you guys already!

Bonus picture: this is Dee's cake that she made.

She won the competition with this amazing creation of hers. I am so proud of her and how far she has come! Dee, you're always in my prayers.


  1. yes ma'am, a proud indonesian i am :)

  2. the foods look yummy ci.. btw i like your sentences in the last post a lot. i think i'll quote it for my blog post in the near future haha (asking for permission ceritanya) =p