Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prayers Unanswered

I had a deep thought about this at church today, which made me... not so attentive, unfortunately. But the thought was ignited by something that the pastor said, and it kinda lingered on until I made sense of it. Well, a little bit more understanding, at least.

Have you heard that when prayers aren't answered, it's because what we pray for aren't according to God's will? It made me think that prayers are then useless, because aren't prayers supposed to work in such a manner that our desires, wishes and dreams come true through God's divine intervention? If the only prayers that come true are those that is going to happen anyway, then what is the point of praying?

Then today, the pastor was saying that God is faithful and He will never violate His word, which is the Bible. So, my thoughts lingered around the two concepts.

Perhaps, He will never violate His word because His word is perfect. If His word is perfect, then it must produce the most loving outcome in every situation, even those that we may not comprehend yet. But if He works to make all that are broken, sinful, and painful be redeemed, such that the most loving outcome is produced, it only makes sense that He cannot violate His word. To violate His word means to not produce the most loving and beautiful outcome.

So when we pray, we pray what is according to the Bible because that will produce the most loving outcome. When we pray for something that is not according to the Bible, as much as God wants to, He cannot endorse it because it will not be the perfect thing for our own lives. And He loves us so much He'd rather be misunderstood by us than to let us die.

I thought this is a very interesting concept. I shall think more and see if I get anywhere with this.


  1. I've always agreed with this outlook on prayer. I believe every single prayer does get answered. but why does it being answered have to mean it ends up how we want or asked? It is still an answer, even if it's not what we had hoped for. As you have said, God knows what is best for us and it is always in our best interest and in His love. We may not always be happy with the answers we receive, but we can rest assured that He knows the real reasons why things happen the way they do...of course, since God is removed from time and knows how everything pieces together.

  2. I guess that it is easier to say God answer our prayers even when it doesn't end up how we want or asked because we have placed our faith in God, or believed that He is working nevertheless... But ask people (this is a real life example, whose names shall remain anonymous) who ask to be more good-looking, or wealthier, or more intelligent, and their dissatisfaction comes from personal discontent... I think it is harder for them to see that... Or even the death of a loved one. I think there are times when things get a little blurry... But then again, yeah, I agree with you that God answers our prayers, but it is still those that are according to His will. If you pray for the death of someone, for murder, revenge... I wonder if I still can say that God will answer that prayer literally? I'd rather think that God will work within us to become more loving and forgiving... But that also means that He didn't answer our prayer, but ensure the most loving outcome...