Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Human Evil

My heart broke. Seeing one of my clients broke my heart. If I could, I would have cried. If I could, I would have leaped and shaken the evilness out of my client's parent. Rather than being angered, though, I felt despair.

We, indeed, are broken and imperfect creatures. We not only drag ourselves and the whole nature with us to hell, we also drag the next generations into insanity. The worst thing is, we think we are doing them good. Such audacity!

How ignorant are we to say, "The Bible said that now each person will pay for his own deeds, the next generation is freed from generational bondage." I am not trying to say that the Bible is wrong, or it lies; I believe wholeheartedly that the Bible is true, not just real. But look at my client, and you will know what I mean. It almost is like saying, we are not sinful even though Adam has sinned, because hey, that's his problem, nothing to do with my generation; but no, we are fallen because Adam fell into sin and we are his seeds. What if, we were there with Adam when he sinned, because after all, God created men before we came to this world. What if, Adam carried all of us in his being when he chose to sin?

I believe that we have the divine strength to break that generational bondage, in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God. But it takes more than that, I think, because you have to work it all out. It is, after all, a process. It is like getting a renewed strength to get off drug addiction, it is not an overnight process. So even though a generational bondage has been broken, I think that getting the flesh used to the fact that the bondage has been broken will need more time, and we often forget about that. We leave the person hanging after, not knowing what the person is supposed to do now that the bondage has been broken; and we condemn them for relapsing. What is wrong with us?

We are so broken; I am so sinful. Today, I am really taking my time to vent here. I don't even know if what I am saying up there is coherent. But I saw evil; I saw evil playing with humans' sufferings, and it's enjoying our pain. I hate that. My heart broke, and it keeps breaking over and over again with the thought of leaving my client in the hands of her parent. What can I do, but to pray for God's deliverance and intervention to come at the right time?

(P. S. All identifying information regarding the client and the incident have been changed to adhere to confidentiality procedures)

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