Saturday, November 14, 2009

Downtown Artwalk

I went to Downtown Artwalk on Thursday night with a couple of friends, and I thought it was really cool. It was like another part of LA that I have never seen before!

It looked like New York, for one. People were walking about even till midnight (yes, I was there till really late, surprise, surprise...), the chilly air, the sound of live music on the streets, people randomly dancing to the beat of the drums at the sidewalk, the occasional scent of beer and cigarette... Classic.

Galleries were opened till really late too! I got to visit many of them even though I arrived pretty late on the scene. There were interesting exhibitions on paintings - also live painting - and sculptures, and other pieces that I would not know how to categorize them under. Like this:

I love the caption: "1200 calories that will go straight to your thighs".

NOTE: This is NOT a real dessert. It was supposed to be a farm, with human figures working between the bushes or plants. But it was still pretty cool, even though it is inedible. Hah.

This poster, on the other hand, talked about the two doughnuts that I ate:

Ok, just kidding. The right doughnut was comparable to a pie chart, explaining the different amount that US has spent on Vietnam War, Marshall Plan, New Deal, Gulf War, Moonshot, Korean War, NASA's all-time budget, Louisiana Purchase, and Savings and Loans Crisis (in no order). The left doughnut showed the US 2008 bail-out. Wow. Talk about The Great Depression. I think we might be in it right now, huh?

I bought 2 art pieces; one out of compulsion, while the other out of prudence. But I do not regret any of my purchase, probably because it's art, and I'm addicted to certain arts in my own weird, unexplainable ways. Like an outlier.

The art piece I bought out of compulsion, which I think by seeing, you may understand why:

The other art piece I bought out of prudence was by Hammerline (?), whom I later found out to be starting work with Sony for some images (and made me realize that maybe my taste in art isn't so weird after all):

I failed to take a picture of my favorite art of the night. It was an "I (heart) LA" sign, constructed with aluminum and other interesting electric device, waaaay too cool and too expensive to be purchased by a seminary student. That piece won my heart; too bad it will never be mine.

It was a good night spent; I actually got home waaaaay past my bedtime... But I really look forward to this event again next month!

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