Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I was out of town during the weekend. To be exact, I went back to Ann Arbor to settle some things that have been left undone for the past year. I'd have to say I had interesting moments, visiting the places of my past in the present.

I learnt that I really do love my Michigan community; they will be my family forever. This includes my church family and sorority sisters. I'm going to have to talk about my sorority sisters here, because their attitude is admirable. While the weather was really cold in Michigan, the people were really warm. Amazing. You guys have made a mark in my heart.

My sorority little sis picked me up from the airport at 6 in the morning when the sun was barely out. The amazing thing: she did not (and does not) have a driving license, so she had to seek a good friend's help to pick me up. I was touched by her act, because she knew that if she wanted to, she could have excuses to not pick me up, and let me find my own ride with my church people. After all, she knew that I have a lot of church friends in town. But she was so excited to meet me, that she did not really care about putting others to trouble, which by the way, usually takes more effort than putting the self in trouble.

On another note, a sister who flew to NY 3 hours after I reached, flew back the next day to meet me. I cannot even utter my deep appreciation and love. I was touched deeply. The other sisters, amidst their exams and other responsibilities, took their time to be with me. They didn't have to. I am a graduated sister who is in town to finish my business, and they have their own busy lives to live. But we hung out, talked, spent time with one another, and that, I think, is what relationships are about. Their hospitality screams, "Welcome home!" And indeed, I was home.

I felt loved, and in turn, I love them even more. I think that a lot of churches must learn from my sorority in this aspect. We care for one another, sacrifice our time for the others, and really, just enjoy one another's presence. We appreciate each other's value and love one another simply because. No other reason. Perhaps it's only for a weekend that I was there; perhaps if I were to live there, things would be rather different. And true, we have our own issues that we have to deal with. But I sincerely think that a weekend's experience as loving as this is one that I will keep close to my heart forever.

Once a Kappa, always a Kappa; I love this sisterhood. Loud and proud.

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