Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Have you heard someone say, "I hate Christians. They are hypocrites"?

Essentially, what they meant is they do not want to deal with Christianity because of the people. When you hear this, depending on your relationship with that person, I suggest that with wisdom and gentle words, cut through that kind of masking.

Churched or not, we are all hypocrites in progress. The difference: we are saved, and (hopefully) are working towards a less hypocritical lifestyle.

Imagine this. There are many hypocrites in your school, so you don't go to school anymore. There are many hypocrites in your workplace, so you quit your job. That is ludicrous! Not going to church because there are hypocrites is really just an excuse. The person is just uninterested. I think it is better to bring that understanding to that person's face; it will make him or her think of a better reason why he or she avoids church. Insights, change of mind, different emotions and thoughts arise when one digs deep into the self. It is like doing a reflection. Whatever the outcome may be, whether one's heart softens or hardens towards the whole issue, I think it is better for the church and for him or her, because at least he or she is not lukewarm and has a strong reaction towards Christianity.

Maybe sometimes we need to call people's bluff and bring their thoughts deeper into why they have such reactions, thoughts, or emotions. And hey, that's a good bonding time too.

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  1. True, true, tapi kan kalo mereka bisa males ke gereja gara2 ini... Dari awalnya kan ga ada drive atau desire to get more intimate with God kali ye? It's very hard to switch from lukewarm to passionately loving God just like that without Divine intervention juga kan haha.

    Well hypocrisy emang dari dulu annoying si emang haha. Even Jesus got super annoyed by it haha. Like you said, all Christians, have to live towards a less hypocritical lifestyle. That doesn't mean just living the way you preach, but also admitting your own mistakes =)