Saturday, September 19, 2009


Wow, I haven’t posted for too long now! I have so many topics that I want to write, but I guess I will have to stick with this one, because this insight was received recently. I think this must be God's attempt to get me back on track. I can only explain this with financial terms, but I have tried to give explanations and use more layman terms. Here we go.

God, being all mighty and perfect, must be a good and perfect investor. That means, when He invests in something, His return must be really good, or at least that’s His plan when it comes to us, His creations. But of course, because of freewill and such, we have often failed His investments.

This is an example. He healed 10 lepers, only 1 came back to say his thanks. That’s a 10% ROI (Return On Investment). 90% of His investments unfortunately failed when it comes to humans; and humans are His creations. He should know better about us than ourselves, right?

Think about this. How many times have we invested in another person, and then failed, and then we gave up on the whole act of putting ourselves out there? We should expect less than 10% ROI, because even God Himself, the perfect one, received only 1 out of 10. Knowing this, shouldn’t we be more… risk-taking? Because when you try to love 100 people, perhaps only 10 will return your love. Others will take it for granted, and sometimes even hate you for it.

Knowing this data, we shouldn’t expect anything in return anyway. This means that we must not expect any reciprocity in what we give to others (this can be anything: time, gifts, service...). I know, it’s easier said than done. But think about it. This business that we’re doing involves people, and people are unpredictable. Sometimes, your ROI can be 90%, depending on the pool, while sometimes, and most of the times, it will be 0%. It doesn’t mean that we should stop the investment. It actually means that we should invest even more!

I think that in the end, what matters is not the failed investments, but the successful ones, because the successful investments will proliferate. After all, the successful investments will do their own investments, so in the big picture, the total return will increase exponentially.

So for those who have been disappointed by people’s lack of enthusiasm, cynicism, and even insensitivity, I can only say: DO NOT GIVE UP! Maybe it is time to leave and move on from that particular company (ie. Individual), or even portfolio (ie. Community), but there are many others who may need your investments of time and energy; after all, you don’t know who will give you the high ROI!

Keep investing in others!