Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Silence is a topic that has been discussed before; it is not a foreign subject that we have not heard. We have often been taught to be silent before God, to rest our minds from worries and to allow God come in by quieting ourselves down. However, that seems like silence has become a medium in which God speaks to us through, that God only speaks to us when we are silent.

What if God is silence? In silence, we commune with Him, thus we hear ourselves and we hear Him speak. To be silent we will need discipline, upon entering we will need to listen, and in it there is a communion. Maybe silence is the message, not the messenger.

Silence is fearful because it is like stripping naked. It is awkward to be silent before another person because we are entering a holy ground. So we are good in making pointless chatters and creating noises through TV, radio and mp3, even when we are not really listening to them. The old couple who are holding hands and looking into each others' eyes in silence can do it because there is communion of souls; they have overcome the storms of life together, and there is no need for surface chatters.

It is, however, not only about external noises. When we quiet ourselves, we realize that there are many more noises within ourselves: painful memories, hurtful experiences, broken relationships, etc. We sometimes avoid silence to avoid the past hurt. It takes courage to enter silence to see ourselves for who we are and not who we want to be. Being silent is accepting all of ourselves for the brokenness and the things that we hate in ourselves, while quieting down the fearful rebel who is living within. As we wrestle with all these, peace will grow.

Let us be touched by silence; let us experience God.

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  1. Ibu Karlin, kenalkan nama wa Agiok, teman Alex. Wa lagi pinjam komputer Alex. Wa orang Tionghoa. Wa pria lajang berumur 27 tahun, 3 bulan, dan 4 hari.

    Wa cuman mau bilang, wa terkesan sekali sama post ibu yang ini. Wa percaya ada banyak sekali cara - cara untuk kita spend time dengan Tuhan. Ada kalanya kita berbicara, Tuhan mendengarkan, seperti saatnya kita berdoa dan menyanyikan lagu worship. Ada saatnya Tuhan berbicara, kita gantian mendengarkan, seperti saat kita baca Kitab Suci, buku2 Rohani, dengar sermon, atau dapat revelations2 dari Tuhan. Ada saatnya dimana kita saling sahut-menyahut dengan Tuhan, dimana kita mengatakan sesuatu, Tuhan langsung menanggapi, kita menanggapi balik, Dia juga, dan terus terus terus terus... Terus....

    Dan ada satu lagi cara terakhir... Dimana kita hanya berdiam berduaan bersama dengan Tuhan =). We know each of us are there together, tapi cukup diam saja :). Seperti sepasang kekasih yang sedang berduaan saja di living room atau di sebuah taman... Duduk berduaan sambil gandeng tangan dan menyandar... Tidak ada kata-kata... hanya merasakan presence masing-masing.

    Teman Wa ada yang bilang bahwa dia pernah merasakan semua cara yang di atas. Dan dia bilang... dari smuanya, yang paling merasa dekat dengan Tuhan... Dan paling indah... Itu ya dengan silence :)... Seperti observasi ibu Karlin.

    Jadi in conclusion, Wa cuman mau bilang wa setuju sekali sama post ini. Juga wa terkesan sekali atas hasil pemikiran ibu Karlin. Keep it up and coming ya ibu. GBU!


    PS: Acep titip salam