Monday, August 24, 2009


I read this in, and thought that I should share this with others. Click to read the article.

The Law: Can Atheists Be Parents?

My thoughts:

So often we say that the world persecute us for being Christians, that we cannot really live according to our faith without obstruction... And we are not happy about it. Well, isn't this the same as the non-Christians? They too, are forced to obey our laws and standard at times. These are the people who have not yet belong to our community, yet forced to believe and live as if they are already part of the community. As much as we say that we are being persecuted, perhaps it has always been a two-way persecution; just like we have been persecuted, we too, have been persecuting those who are not part of us. This is the irony of our community whose people are supposedly spreading and living a lifestyle of love.

This perhaps shall remind us always that it doesn't matter if we are persecuted, because we should expect that anyway, so we must not complain. We have no right to complain, because we have been warned, and we have accepted the consequences of our choice in following Jesus. But instead, we have to fight for those people who are persecuted by our own people... Before our God and we are both thoroughly hated by the other people because of our own stupidity, selfishness and irresponsibility.

Let's live for humanity, rather than for religion.

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