Thursday, July 23, 2009

Earning The Right

Some thoughts are by-products of reading Erwin McManus' book, called An Unstoppable Force.

McManus says something like this in the book: in the past, we never called ourselves Christians, we just followed what Jesus did and then the world somehow called us Christians; now, we call ourselves Christians, and the world calls us hypocrites.

How ironic. Perhaps we need to earn the right to be called Christians again; maybe we need to do something so we deserve to be called God's church once again. In the past, we have done too much damage; in this life, we must bring restoration. It is our job to fix things that have been broken by our ancestors.

How nice it will be if people know us by the things that we have done and not by our Christian labels! How awesome it will be if people refer to us as "the guys who brought hope to us because they taught us how to make straw hats", or "the guys who brought us life because they gave us a cure from HIV", instead of "they are a Christian organization (ie. church), they'll do something".

Perhaps it is time to reconnect to the world and meet the needs of everyone around us. We have done too much hiding in the past - hiding behind God's sovereignty. We believe that God will take care of everything and run away from the responsibility of bringing change in people's lives. Ironically, the world doesn't believe God will intervene, so they ended up doing something on their own to bring help. I wonder who seems more like Jesus' hater now, the world that somehow tries to establish God's kingdom by bringing hope of life, or the Christian guy who hinders the establishment of God's kingdom by being idle?

God is inviting us to participate in His creation of the future; it's time to take a step forward.


  1. hey lin...its deedee...hohoho...
    how is indo?

    ya, I agree..i read that some before too..We have lost the true meaning of christianity and become stereotypes...and many of us will try to fulfil the stereotypes that people has assigned to christians rather than what god wants for us to do. Perhaps all of us should go back to the bible and read for ourselves, who god wants us to be instead of just listening to sermons and each other, we should turn our ears and eyes upon god's word.

  2. But there's always the danger of taking in only what we want to hear, because there is noone who keeps a lookout on you. Kind of like a biased viewpoint, because we have the tendency to listen what we want to hear. I think there should be a balance? It's hard, though.